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Welcome to St. Cadoc's, Halfway!

Welcome to our website, where you will find information regarding St. Cadoc's Catholic Parish in Cambuslang. Our Parish is part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Motherwell.

Catholic churches closed until further notice

Dear Parishioners & Well-Wishers of St. Cadoc’s

Following serious advice offered to him and the stark comments made yesterday by the UK and Scottish governments, Bishop Toal has decided that the churches in the Motherwell Diocese will not remain open at present. However, priests will continue to celebrate a private Mass each day. See Bishop Toal's letter below.

Pastoral Letter from Bishop Toal on the 22nd March 2020

Although the public celebration of our faith is being restricted, the faithful can receive the sacraments, but this will be done privately without others present. If you wish to make your confession, receive the sacrament of anointing and holy communion, please contact Father Cirillo to make arrangements for this to happen in the Church itself or at home, with the necessary hygiene precautions being observed.

St John the Baptist Web Cam

The parish St John the Baptist in Uddingston offers webcam access to all of its services. The webcam works on all PCs Macs, it will also work on most phones and tablets devices.

Normally mass is available via the Web Camera at 11.00 am on a Sunday and at 9.30 am from Monday to Saturday.

Visit the Web Cam.

Offerings/donations for the upkeep of the church.

We understand that the situation is becoming quite difficult with Coronavirus outbreak. A lot of people are going to be affected physically, socially, economically, etc. In this disturbing time for the world and for the Church, we continue to pray for those who have died of the coronavirus, for the recovery of those infected, for the safety of those caring for them, and for those engaged in research. We also pray for those vulnerable to the coronavirus, for those who are highly anxious, and for those who are now isolated from family and loved ones. And we remember all those for whom we are asked to pray.

As with everyone else the crisis is going to have a serious effect on our parish finances. Since our church is now closed there will be no collections, but the bills will continue. The loss of income from our weekly Offertory Collection will be substantial and may have a lasting effect. We, therefore, appeal to your continued generosity and support for our parish and clergy. It would very helpful if you could continue to contribute weekly or monthly – through your Gift-Aid envelopes, Standing Orders or donations left at the church house. We recognise that many of you are facing your own financial worries and will have to make hard choices, so we would be most grateful for anything you can still contribute to the church. Thank you once again for your enduring generosity and support to St. Cadoc’s Parish.

Pastoral Letter and Statement of Bishops re. Covid-19

Bishop Toal's Pastoral Letter in regard to the Coronavirus