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Seventh Sunday of Easter (Year A)

Sixth Sunday of Easter (Year A)

Fifth Sunday of Easter (Year A)

Fourth Sunday of Easter (Year A)

Third Sunday of Easter (Year A)

Divine Mercy Sunday (Year A)

Bishop Toal's Easter Message 2020

As Christians celebrate Easter this year we are thinking of the suffering inflicted upon us by the Covid-10 Virus. It is a dreadful time for the whole world and our thoughts are with all who have caught the virus and their loved ones. We are grateful for the dedication and courage of those caring for the sick and the vulnerable, and all who are providing the essential services we all rely on. It is hard to find hope, but our celebration of Easter encourages us to have such a hope - a hope that we will recover and that life will be better again. For Christians we find our hope in Jesus Christ, who having suffered a terrible death on the cross rose again to new life, and promised us a share in eternal life. In such a time of crisis we cling on to this faith and reach out to Our Lord in our need. Although we have not been able this year to celebrate these precious days for our faith in our churches, we have sought the Lord and felt his presence strongly within and among us. In the Church’s faith in Jesus, risen from the dead, I wish everyone a Happy Easter, as we seek God’s blessing on us all and our world in our present need.

+Joseph Toal

Bishop of Motherwell

Easter Message from Father Rodrigues

Holy Week: Easter Triduum